Saturday, August 8, 2009

Needle Turn Applique Trick #1

I have a brain full of hand applique tricks, but this one just came to me a couple of days ago and I want to share it with you. I have been working on a UFO I put away about 5 years ago because the fabric I fussy cut to applique on two of the borders FRAYS LIKE CRAZY!!!!! I just touch the raw edge of the fabric and it spoings out of control, spraying little bits of white "dust" all over my quilt! What a mess!

But! This fabric is what I WANT TO USE! So, I fought and struggled with all these little flowers and butterflies. I used, and I am NOT kidding here, 1/2 bottle of Fray Check to try to calm the fabric down so I could at least get some semblance of points and smooth curves. I got discouraged and put the quilt in the cupboard for "another day". I got it out a couple of weeks ago to torture myself some more! Haha! Then I had an epiphany - What if I????? Well here is the Trick:

Judi's Needle Turn Applique Trick #1:
  • Pour a little - about a teaspoonful at a time- of ironing spray into a small dish.
  • With a small paint brush, "paint" a line of ironing spray along the edge of the seam allowance for about an inch or so.
  • Turn under and stitch as usual!
It is amazing, the fraying and lint are controlled immediately! Bonus! The seams turn under very easily, lie flat, stay soft, and stay where you put them. Unlike Fray Check - which will stay in your quilt, stiff and crispy for life; ironing spray washes out and remains soft while it is there.

Note: Did you notice the basting stitches on the seam line on my applique piece? Watch for another tip soon on Front Basting Needle Turn Applique.

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